Experts in our craft at bringing solutions to the industry's most difficult problems. We have assembled experts from the Emerald Triangle and across the country to form a team ready to tackle any issue. From business experts  to the original cultivators from the Triangle, we are dedicated to providing the expert analysis with problems your farm is having.


Consulting the pros with the expert advice and industry best practices is how we do it here at Loyal Penguin. We provide sustainable solutions to the most difficult of dynamics. 

At Loyal Penguin, our mission is to improve the lives of American Veterans.

We accomplish this through giving back to the Veteran Community through the concepts of Advocacy, Rehabilitation, and Empowerment.

Veterans come from all parts of our wonderful country.  They took an oath to protect all of us and the freedoms we enjoy. Loyal Penguin focuses its efforts in giving back to those who served all of us.  Our passions and inspirations are vehicles that allow us to provide for bettering the lives of these brave Americans.

Through our actions, we hope to better the Veteran Community's issues of joblessness, substance abuse, homelessness, and suicide. 

It is time that a company was developed with the core values of respect and loyalty as the compass from which it is guided, placing actions before words.

WE ARE that company.



Guided by Loyalty to Our Veteran Community


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