Hemp Marketplace

Welcome to the Loyal Penguin Hemp Marketplace! Whether you are interested in buying or selling, this is the place to find Loyal Penguin's supply of quality Hemp products. Our products are tested and come in a variety of sizes from processed pre-rolls for your shop to bulk orders for our manufacturing partners. To get started, click the link below for registration and to receive the password to view our buy list. We are ready to serve you.


We are always on the search for the best Hemp in the country! Let us know if you are selling and we will reach out! If you are more interested in viewing our menus, please click the Buy button below. And as always, please feel free to reach out to us anytime with questions you may have! We are happy to help!

Why Hemp?

What are the benefits of Hemp? Here are a few examples: 

  1. Regenerative Agriculture

  2. Soil Cleanup

  3. Automotive Lubricants and Fuels

  4. Paper Products

  5. Building Materials

  6. Textiles

  7. Livestock Bedding

  8. Beauty and Skin Products

  9. Superfood

  10. Oils and Tinctures

Is it Legal?

Have your own farm and need consulting? We are here to help!


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